Alpha Gold Futures

Launched in 2017, Alpha Gold Futures ( AGF ), is one of the world’s leading sources for news and analysis on the currency, commodity and index trading community. Build by a highly-specialized team with backgrounds in Finance, FOREX and Technology. Created to help clients pursue their financial goals, we proudly offer transparent access to the FOREX market, powerful trading platforms (MT4 and MT5).
Given our strong background, we have always been able to offer superior access to global FOREX markets, which is why professional and retail traders are able to notice the remarkable difference between Alpha Gold Futures and other brokers.

We continually strive to evolve our offering to ensure that we deliver a service that is far superior to anything else on the market. Alpha Gold Futures analysts report every day on the latest changes in the financial markets, providing timely fundamental, economic and technical analysis and a close examination of promising chart formations with live currency quotes. Alpha Gold Futures also provides analysis of market moves, explaining economic, political, and technical factors driving the market.

Alpha Gold Futures is a regulated Forex broker, providing traders with access to the global Forex market through top tier FX liquidity providers.
With Alpha Gold Futures, you will experience super-fast trade execution and we offer clients a true institutional trading experience, across a wide range of trading instruments.
Clients can access our wide range of markets through the powerful MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 platforms,as well as multiple mobile trading apps for iPhone and Android devices.