Image Galleries

Want to create image galleries in no time that are fully customizable in size and feature cool hover effects? Alea WordPress Theme has got your back. With the Visual Composer integrated image gallery element you can display images in custom grids, add lightbox effect to them, pick hover effects, custom links etc. Combining different design style presets with hover effects & different grid sizes and spacings allows for numerous style combinations. Check some examples below.


Total Grid Column number
Item Spacing (3 Presets available)
Manage Image Sizes (Equal or Natural proportions)
Hover Effects (4 Presets)
CSS animation of the items
Set Custom/Lightbox links for your grid images
Set Dark Overlay on Hover Toggle
Add Caption/Description below Image
Add Image Title
Add Image Alt attribute

Gallery Example #1 (Masonry grid, small spacing)

Gallery Example #2 (no spacing, fixed sizes)

Gallery Example #3 (with Caption & Description)

Gallery Example #4 (4 cols, small spacing)

Gallery Example #5 (Full width, no spacing)

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