We would like to inform the public that recently, there have been people who have taken the opportunity to impersonate AGF on social media without permission and have been promoting their investment projects. Promises to get capital and profit in a short time.

Therefore, we are not responsible these advertisements and call on customers and the public to be careful of all these activities to avoid falling into deception, attracting investment or trading in unsafe financial instruments that lead to lose all your capital.

We would also like to inform the public that the name, website and official social network of the company currently in use are as follows:
1. Website៖ https://www.alphagoldfutures.com.kh/

2. Facebook Page៖ https://www.facebook.com/alphagoldfutures

3. Instagram៖ https://www.instagram.com/alphagoldfutures/

4. Telegram Channel៖ https://t.me/AGFutures

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