Crude Oil is the raw material that is refined to produce gasoline, heating oil, diesel, jet fuel and many other petrochemicals. In short, it is a major source of energy in the world.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is a grade of crude oil used as a benchmark in oil pricing andit is the underlying commodity of New York Mercantile Exchange oil’s future contracts. It is traded using the symbol CL. Here are the key advantages to trading Crude Oil :

  • High Liquidity; it is a very active market and well known with investors around the world
  • There are abundant short-term profit/loss opportunities as Crude Oil can be a very volatile market. The Crude oil market is very sensitive to news.
  • Relatively low initial cost of investment as Crude Oil is traded using leverage.With leverage, you can buy/sell CL up to 500 times more than your capital investment, which allows you to generate substantial gains (or losses) with a relatively small capital.
  • Crude Oil is a limited resource and once the world’s supply runs out prices are bound to increase.

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